Co. B, 15th Infantry Regiment

Cleburne's Sharpshooters

2018 Schedule

These are events at which we may have people attend.  Events chosen as maximum efforts, those that everyone should try to attend, are noted with "[MAX]".  Some have the already chosen impression (US/CS) noted as well.  Some events are listed in the month in which they usually occur, if no date was available at the time of the last update.

Find more events/info on the GDRA Schedule page:

Updated: 9 MAR 2018

Feb  23-25       Pickett’s Mill, GA
March 24-25    BTL of Bridgeport Al      
April 13-15      Pickett’s Mill School of Instruction
May 18-20       BTL of Resaca, GA
JUN 1-3           BTL of Pickett’s Mill
July 5-8            BTL of Gettysburg, PA
JUL 38-29       Point Park, TN LH
Aug                  OPEN              
Sept 15-17        Chickamauga      GA  LH
Oct  6-7            Altoona Pass , GA LH & Skirmish  
OCT                 Possible BTL of Sandersville, GA ?
NOV                Pickett’s Mill LH same weekend as DIV MTG