Co. B, 15th Infantry Regiment

Cleburne's Sharpshooters

How to Join:
     Anyone with an interest in history and being outdoors may enjoy stepping into history by trying a weekend as a living historian.  We have lots of events that our members attend, and just about any one of these events would be good for a person new to the hobby.

     As someone interested in becoming a living historian with the Cleburne’s/15th US Infantry, you do not need to purchase anything to come try an event or two to see if you want to pursue this hobby.  We have members who have extra sets of gear, and you can borrow everything you need to try the hobby.  We will dress you in an authentic uniform and equipment, put a musket in your hands, and begin by teaching you what a private soldier did in line. 

     If you have any interest in trying the hobby, please use the contact form below.

     In your email, tell us a bit about you, please.  Things like age & location are important.  One-line emails, w/o even a name to go by, will not receive a response.  (It's terrible that has to be stated)

     If we are not conveniently located for you, or different style of CW reenacting may be better for you, we may be able to help you find a unit that suits you.  However, I hope that we can get you in uniform in our company, either portraying a Union infantry riflemen or one of the Cleburne’s Sharpshooters. 

     Thank you very much for your interest.